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We’re always wondering what our friends are up to. What’s everyone doing, right now and later today? These days we usually just send out mass texts asking “What are you up to” or “What are you doing tonight?” Or we troll through our Facebook feed or Snapchat stories, looking for the right info. We made Ourglass because we wanted a quick way to answer these questions.

It all starts with our favourite feature, the new activity screen. A simple way to tell your friends what you’re doing, and when.

Your feed is almost like a social schedule, with different activities happening at different times. It’s incredibly exciting to see, at one glance, everything thats happening for the rest of the day.

From there, you can update your activities and comment on others. You can even subscribe to specific people, to get notified when they create an activity (“Bobby is playing Halo at 7:30. Let’s join him for a group game!”)

Its a different way of looking at things, but its very simple and extremely useful. We are very proud of this app, and are looking to launch it within the next few days,. We can’t wait to make it even better.

Love, Team Ourglass.